To begin with, Our founder, Principal and all our staff request you to keep our brave healthcare professionals, soldiers, police personals and volunteers in prayers who have been selflessly working day in and day out amidst this ambiguous attack by the pandemic for the wellbeing of all our citizens.

We at Sky Public School are deeply concerned about the health and safety of our students, staff and their families and continue to closely monitor the situation following strict guidelines by the state and central governments. As we all have seen how tumultuous this year has been for the whole world, with millions of lives and livelihoods lost, governments struggling to keep their economies afloat and essential public institutions adopting various new ways to cope with the deadly virus, but we stand resolute against the pestilence in delivering our responsibilities with conviction. Through this message, we want to reach out to you and update you how we have been dealing with the prevailing predicament.

Aditya Singh Yadav

Children need healthy, wholesome foods

Healthy Nutrition for Growing Children

The three week rotating menu is planned according to the Food Guide and recommendations from our local Public Health Unit. All food is cooked with consideration of maintaining its full nutritional value. The centre provides a morning and afternoon snack and a midday lunch. Our standards exceed the following guidelines:




Wear mask


Social distancing

Online Education

Under the leadership of our principal, our effervescent staff, both teaching and non teaching, have bestowed their care and concern for students and school by working from home, preparing proper study notes, managing syllabus and engaging live classes online making sure their students are given their academic lessons regularly despite the hardships. Our online classes function under the guidelines set and issued by the District Magistrate and CBSE with all the periodic tests, assessments and Half-Yearly exams being conducted as mandated by the same.

Being an Institution that believes in offering quality education, even to the fragile sections of society, we realize that some of our students may not have access to an internet connection or personal electronic devices therefore,our management has ensured provisions set in place to make the regular live online lessons reachable to such students. To achieve this ambition we record online sessions regularly and send it to the students through Emails or their guardian's electronic devices making sure nothing comes in between our dedication to imparting knowledge to our students, come what may.

These are the times we as global citizens need to come together as one and fight the common enemy with the best weapon we have i.e maintaining social distancing and following the rules set by our authorities. We at Sky Public School wish all of you a Happy Healthy life.