Examination Rules

  1. On examination days no student is allowed to enter the examination halls or classrooms before the general assembly.
  2. If the student is found absent on the day no any medical reason to them medical authority should be provided to the principal so that appropriate entries can be made in college records.
  3. Any other leave applied for and taken during the examination will be at the risk of the parents and will not be taken into consideration in determining promotion.
  4. In any case medical certificate is not a guarantee for granting promotion. If the student falls sick for a part or the whole examination he should have the required pass marks from the other examination held during the year.
  5. Examination missed will not be conducted again for individual student on any account.
  6. Candidates will be disqualified if they are detected in giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance at the examination or if they have in their possession while in the examination or classroom, any book, memorandum or pocket book, note book, note or paper except the question paper of the current exam. Unused answer sheets must be submitted to staff invigilators.
  7. Passing percentage in each subject is 40%.
  8. There will be two semesters in the academic year. Each semester will comprise of two unit tests of 20 marks. The marks obtain in the unit test will be added to the marks of the exam, making an aggregate of 100 marks in each semester.
    1. Semester
      • I. Unit test in may
      • II. Unit test in August
      • Exams in September
    2. Semester
      • III. unit test in November
      • IV. Unit test in January
      • Exams in March
  9. Promotion refuse will not be re- considered. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the principal. Parents must not come for reconsideration for promotion. In no case shall a student be promoted on trial.
  10. Parents/guardians must sign the report card when it is sent forth and return it within 3 days.
  11. The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts for more than one week after distributing the report cards.
  13. Promotion to the next class is based on the annual aggregate that takes the whole year's performance through tests and examinations.
  14. If some parents feel that justice is not being done to their wards in scrutinizing the answer-scripts, the same can be brought to the notice of the principal. The principal at her sole discretion may have the answer-scripts re-checked.
  15. The evolution of answer scripts and other works done by the students during the examination I within the domestic jurisdiction of the school. Therefore, no outsider or any other authority has jurisdiction to check, scrutinize or evaluate the answer scripts or other work done by the students.
  16. Student of pre-primary will be assessed periodically and on the basis of which they will be promoted.