Fee Rules

  1. All fee must be paid in cash or cheque(as mentioned in the fee card). 15th day of every month will be a fees day any fee paid after the fees day will be charged with fine of rupees 50/-, till 20th day of the concerned month and rupees 100/- shall be payable as fine till the end of the month.
  2. If the fee not paid by the due date i.e. 15th of every month, the name of the defaulter will be struck off the school register.
  3. No student will be allowed to appear or the examinations unless all dues are cleared.
  4. No exemption or reduction in fee will be made on account of holiday or absence for any cause.
  5. The student, whose name has been struck off may be re-admitted on payment of school dues with fine and a re-admission fee of Rs. 500/-.
  6. No concession or reduction in fee is made on account of change in academic session, broken period, holidays or absence from class for any reason.
  7. Students whose fee falls into arrears are liable to be debarred from appearing in the terminal exams and report card will not be given unless all dues have not been cleared.
  8. If there is more than one student coming from the same family, full fee is charged for all. Deserving cases for causes for concession are considered on the sole criteria of economic conditions and the sole decision rests with the management.
    • All fees once paid will not be refunded for any reason.