Our Inspiration



Late Heeralal yadav in whose name numerious educational institutions have been established was in real sense a pioneer adopting socialism in his life . He was brought up in an ordinary family in the rural surroundings of Lucknow district; he fought for the right of downtrodden and weaker section of the society throughout his whole life. He always lived for others and not for himself. There was no difference in his saying and doing. His political career was mainly built on the feelings of patriotism and nationalism. He was the member of legislative council of uttar Pradesh when he passed away in 1995.

Since his native village is in the outskirts of capital of uttar Pradesh , he was very much worried for the regeneration of women in the rural area of the district. As a result contemplated to lay the foundation of girls college in this area. Due to untimely demise of Sri Heeralal Yadav , his sons gave the correct shape of his cherished desire of promoting girls education.

Owing to their untiring effort Heeralal Yadav Law college at saroini nagar and Heeralal Yadav inter college and Heeralal Yadav Degree College at Uttargaon ( Sisendi) Lucknow have come into existence. Another milestone is added in the name " HEERALAL YADAV" "INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT" they are imparting quality education to the weaker section of society.