Rules of the school

Enrolment of sky public school implies on the part pupil and parents willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.

  1. Students must bring their school diary every day.
  2. The diary must signed by the parents on a daily basis.
  3. Parents are earnestly requested to see that their children attend the school punctually. They are expected to co-operate with the work of school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by talking a keen interest in the children's progress. They should check the diary regularly and note the teacher's remarks.
  4. Pupils who have been absent from class must have the reason entered in the regular record stating briefly the cause o the absence or delay. (Reasons of private nature may be submitted in a letter).
  5. All the children are expected to come to school daily in freshly laundered uniforms with clean socks and well polished shoes. Any child who comes to school in a slovenly condition will be excluded from class or sent home. If her/she continues to offend in this respect he/she may be asked to leave th school.
  6. No pupil may leave the school premises without the permission of the principal. Parents are not allowed to see their children or interview teacher during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  7. The principal has the right to suspend or require the withdrawl of any pupil on grounds of discipline/violation of the rule/disregard to authority. Such step is necessary in the interest of the school and the child.
  8. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belonging by having them labled. They will not wear gold ornaments in school.
  9. Attendance in all the test and exams is compulsory. No retests or re-examinations will be conducted. A student must secure a minimum 40% marks in each subject to be eligible for promotion to the next class.
  10. Its compulsory for at least one of the parents to attend all parent teacher meetings.
  11. Prior appointment is necessary for meeting the teachers.
  12. Parents are requested to inform the school if there are any changes in their address or telephone numbers.
  13. Any damage to school property by the students will have to be compensated by the parent.
  14. All school fee and other dues must be cleared in the prescribed period, failing which student will not be allowed to attend classes and may be sent back home. All fee to be paid by cheque or cash.
  15. No student will be allowed to appear in the annual examination or take TC whose dues are not cleared before the commencement of the examinations.
  16. Parents are requested to carefully go through the rules and regulations mentioned in the school prospectus.