Sports and games are the ways of enhancing the children's mental and physical growth. Sports help them in character building and provide them energy and strength.Variety of sports and games facilities has been arranged by the management of the school to impart physical education to the students.

Variety of games provided within the school campus:

  • Cricket

    Game of the nation, yes we too take it seriously when it comes to cricket in a country like India, where this sport is considered as a religion. This particular game is something with which the younger generation of our country connects easily; with the view of creating a better connection we at the school campus have setup an area for students to practise well with the automated bowling machine and nets to enhance their sportive skills for this game.

  • Basketball

    A well organised basketball court is available for the students to play on with team-sprite and attitude, the game is well coached by the sports teacher so that the skills of the students can be enhanced by making them aware of all the rules and regulations of this bouncing ball game.

  • Football

    A game that teaches us harmony, discipline, and sportsmanship. With a view of imparting such qualities to our students we have a well-established a football ground that allows our students to play and practise the game of football under a proper supervision by the sports coach.

  • Swimming Pool

    We have splash-pool especially designed for our pre-primary students and an Olympic size pool for junior-senior students that allows them to practise for state and national level swimming competition. We have well trained male-female swimming instructors with an encouraging and supportive attitude to train our students for swimming, accompanied by the professionals that provide neat-clean and hygienic water for swimming, separate changing room/shower room are provided for girls/boys.

  • Chess

    The indoor sports activity allows us to facilitate the game of chess, which needs complete calmness and concentration, it enhances the metal level (I.Q.) of a child that helps them to improve their academic scoreand hence proper coaching and guidance is provided to our students to develop their brains with such games.