Withdrawal Rules

  1. A monthly notice for withdrawals must be given in writing , duly acknowledged , to the office,or a month's fee in lieu there of,before the withrawal of candidate ,generally it takes a week after submitting the withdrawal form to issue the transfer certificate.
  2. Application for the transfer certificate shall be made given in writing in the prescribed form obtainable from the office by the parents/guardians.
  3. No transfer certificate shall be granted unless all school dues have been cleared or satisfactorily arranged for and "NO DUES CERTIFICATE" is obtained from the fee counter, librarian, laboratory in charge.
  4. The school office will remain open for 6 days after the school has actually closed for the summer vacation to enable those transferred to apply and collect the transfer certificates and other certificates will be issued only after this date, transfer certificates will be issued only the 20th of June.