Welcome to Sky Public School

We like to provide quality education for bright future for our students.The main objective of the school is to impart education which helps students to develop an integrated personality with sound mind and sound body. The school aims at excellence in studies, games and co-curricular activities; it is a noble venture with a mission of preparing the students to meet the challenges of life march ahead with confidence.

Qualified Teachers

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students, at sky public school the process of recruiting a good/qualified teacher goes through the different phases including written examination followed by a personal interview which assures our school management committee and the principal to handpick the best teachers for our students.

Educational tours / trips

There is world beyond classroom and to experience it we annually plan a trip for our students, a trip that allows them to observe and notice the historicalmonuments and scientific centres of the country and region, with such activities we try to influence and enhance their learning potential.

Latest Features

Technology has the power to transform how students learn, school campus is well equipped with latest/modern amenities that are implemented with the view to ensure ease of learning for the students, the facility of smart classrooms and connectivity with the internetand it becomes very easy for the students to understand the concepts.

Friendly Support

By friendly support, we mean school support system (S.S.S) with which we aim to provide hassle free services to our parents, ranging from theirs wards individual educational plan to assessment of the individual, the support system is based on an integrated software that is well connected with the portal of sky public school, where we keep track of all the students individually.

About Us

Our school is committed to encouraging the best in its students and staff. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity and vocational skills.We like to provide quality education for bright future for our students.
Our broad vision is of a school that enables each student to achieve his/her potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, encouraging, respectful, inclusive and joyful.
  • Encouraging students to develop inquiring minds with love of learning;
  • Demanding high expectations and high attainment from both students and staff;
  • Creating a respectful working environment for students and teachers
  • Focusing on continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of achievement.

Our Office

Sky Public School, Bijnour Road,Sarojini Nagar , Lucknow


Admission For Session 2018-19 Starts

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